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Opinion: The disease of more

Scottie Pippen, part of the iconic Chicago Bulls basketball team of the ‘90s, witnessed success as an addiction. Often people who have achieved success, defined by happy relationships, profitable businesses, comfortable lifestyles, still do not feel satisfied and consistently reach for more. This is known as the ‘Disease of More’. This concept was first coined in a sporting context by Pat Riley, a hall of fame basketball executive, former coach and player, with 10 NBA titles to his name. He

The plight of the Santorini donkeys

Known for its white-washed buildings carved into rugged cliff tops, winding streets accented with blue-roofed churches and vibrant tangerine sunsets on the vast volcanic caldera, Santorini is a popular holiday destination. Drawing in almost 10% of all visitors to Greece, the Cycladic Island, and its main towns Fira and Oia attract over 2 million visitors each year. Whilst tourism undoubtedly expands the Greek economy: increasing employment and income, improving social services, living standards,

Construction of new smart motorways halted until safety upgrades installed

No new smart motorways will be opened until proposed safety upgrades have been installed, the Government revealed last week. The announcement from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps detailed that stopped vehicle detection (SVD) technology will be installed in all new smart motorways. The announcement comes after Highways England’s first year stocktake into the progress of smart motorways. Shapps also confirmed that the implementation of new radar technology has been accelerated for all existing

Darcy Bourne: the England hockey player turned Black Lives Matter activist

Having graced all levels of competitive hockey in her short career, Darcy Bourne was already on her way to the top, but when a photographer captured her at the Black Lives Matter protest last summer, a new career path was forged. It was June 2020, and the former Surbiton player was standing by the US Embassy with a sign that stated, with the paint still wet: ‘WHY IS ENDING RACISM A DEBATE?’

'We want an economy that grows health and well-being' - Extinction Rebellion’s new 'financial disobedience'

Extinction Rebellion is planning to target financial institutions in order to expose the ‘political economy’s complicity’ in the climate crisis. The strategy includes actions of debt and tax disobedience, by diverting business tax and loans from banks who fund fossil fuel projects towards green recovery. Making up part of their 2021 Action Strategy, this ‘Money Rebellion’ aims to end the climate emergency by changing the economic system that fuels it. Demanding that banks stop funding polluti